Body Butter

A Butter for Your Body

As moisturizing as body oil is, not everyone is fond of the body oil texture. Keeping the skin hydrated and protected is important to one’s health, so if body oil is not the right form of moisturizer than maybe body butter should be given a try. Body butter can be used over the entire body. Body butter is a concentrated lotion that can be used in all sorts of ways. Although considered a type of lotion, body butter is much thicker than regular lotion and has many benefits. Another great benefit of body butter is that most are manufactured from a combination of natural ingredients.

Moisturizing with Body Butter

The dense body butter emollient cream encourages skin hydration while alleviating the discomfort of dry skin. Many dermatologists promote the use of body butter to patients who suffer from excessively dry skin conditions like eczema. The thicker cream is richer than regular lotion offering skin more protection for longer periods of time.

Using the body butter immediately after a bath or shower can lock skin’s moisture in while producing a protective barrier to prevent loss of skin hydration. Extreme cold can also drain skin of its moisture. Applying body butter after coming in from extreme weather conditions can help replenish the skin’s hydration.

Body Butter Fragrance

Body butter is lightly scented in a variety of aromas. The scent is noninvasive and emphasizes one’s natural scent. The delicate scent can be used anytime and for any event.

Replenish Appearance of Healthy Skin

With frequent use, body butter can reduce the appearance of stretch marks that transpire from growth, weight gain, or pregnancy. Although the stretch marks are not going to entirely disappear, one can reduce the appearance of the stretch marks with repeated use of body butter. Body butter can also lighten the appearance of scars. Body butter blends the scar skin and stretch mark skin to the natural skin color.

In this stressful society, many people exhibit premature signs of aging. Everyone wants an effective way to reduce the signs of aging without the costly price tag. Body butter is a terrific method of reducing those untimely wrinkles. Applying body butter to areas that are more obvious to the wrinkles like the face, chin, neck and hands can reduce the visual appearance of wrinkles. Continuous body butter use will increase skin elasticity while diminishing the signs of the wrinkles that currently exist.

Skin Health

Whether one chooses body butter, body oils, or a combination of the two, the fact remains that skin health is crucial to overall health. Skin hydration and care is not just about appearance, although appearance is important. Maintaining a good skin routine can slow down the aging process as well as avert a range of skin problems. So, lather on the body butter and body oils to promote healthy skin.









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