The Many Uses of Body Oil

Body oil versus body butter, which is better, depends on personal preference. Whether it is body oils or body butter, benefits for the skin exist in both. The two forms of moisturizers also do much more than simply moisturize the skin in a healthy and natural way.

Body Oil

Body oils are oils formulated from plants, seeds, and other natural bases subsequently making the body oils environmentally safe. Body oils rarely use chemical additives so the body oils are safe for use on the skin and body as often as needed. The skin is permeable and will absorb what is placed on the skin. Absorbing toxic chemicals can be dangerous and a hazard to one’s health, so choosing a natural based product to moisturize skin is safer in the present and in the long run.

The prominent use of body oil is as a skin moisturizer. Often forgotten or perhaps unknown is that body oil can be used in a variety of ways. Body oil is pleasantly fragrant, serenely soothing, wonderfully relaxing, and effortlessly moisturizing.

Fragrant Body Oils

Body oil used as a perfume may sound surprising, but, yes, body oil can be used as a fragrance. A rather exquisite fragrance may be discovered with the use of body oils. Body oils are found in so many different scents. Everyone is capable of finding a scent that he or she admires. The scent is simple to capture, simply apply a tiny drop or two on each wrist, behind the ears, or directly on the neck, the fragrance of the body oil will last the entire day. One can enjoy the airy scent of the body oil much longer than a regular spray perfume or cologne. Spray perfumes and colognes dissipate into the air rather quickly, even when applied to pressure points. The scent of body oils is resilient. Body oil scents are available for both man and woman, so everyone can use the aromatic chemical-free scent.

Sometimes it is not bodily odor that one is worried about, but instead it may be his or her hair odor that is disconcerting. One’s hair may need a slight rejuvenation, but there is not enough time to wash, dry, and style. A simple solution often overlooked is a dab of body oil. A drop of body oil rubbed into one’s hands and gently applied to his or her hair will leave the hair shiny and with a pleasant scent. Be sure to only use a drop of body oil because too much will leave hair looking greasy and flat.

Soothing Body Oils

Soothing a tired body is ideal after a long day and a warm bath can feel like a much needed reward. A warm bath is relaxing on its own, but if one adds a few drops of bath oil or body oil the experience results in a heightened level of relaxation. Choose bath oils and body oils that are fragrant and appealing to further enhance the relaxation. The body oils are a calming skin hydrator, so the inclusion of body or bath oils in one’s bath will keep skin soft during and hours after the bath has ended.

Massaging with Body Oils

Maybe the bath is not enough to ease the soreness and anguish of one’s muscles. A massage with oils (such as lavender oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil and many other essential oils) can help alleviate the pain and loosen the muscles and release the stress. Massages are an immensely relaxing occurrence on their own, but a massage with body oils is truly a stress relieving and calming experience for one’s body and muscles. Common ingredients in body oils like avocado oil or almond oil are stress relievers on their own. Combining a relaxing massage with stress relieving body oils is sure to do the trick on a tense body.

Moisturizing with Body Oils

The universal use of body oils is as a moisturizer for the skin on the entire body. Body oil is very similar to body lotion in method of use. Rub liberal amounts of body oil on whole body, including face, neck, and hands, after a warm bath or shower to hydrate skin. It is important that the bath or shower water is not too hot as excessively hot water removes the skin’s natural hydration. One may want to apply excessive amounts of body oil to especially dry areas like knees, elbows, and heels of the feet. The thick texture of the oil will produce a protective barrier over the dry skin. This barrier will protect skin and heal the dry skin at the same time. The body oil may be applied frequently or as needed throughout the day, but is most advantageous at hydrating the skin when the skin is still damp immediately after that warm bath or shower.


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